Skybox Lounge Renting

Skybox Lounge hosts mini meetings, press conferences, dinner receptions, cocktail parties, meet & greet events, workshops, and can be utilised for managing your hospitality needs before & after events. Skybox Lounge can be exclusively and easliy accessed from the Skyboxes, and has its own terrace, cloackroom, and restrooms.

Skybox Lounge can both act as an addition to your event happenning anywhere else inside the whole venue, or be used as an exclusive space for different experiences or for accomodating VIP guests.

Services that are included to the rental fee:

  • Security, usher, and cleaning services
  • Furniture specially designed for the area
  • Catering services (if requested)
  • Sound system

For detailed information about the technical specs and rental terms of the Skybox Lounge, please contact .

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