Gezgin Salon: Balthazar

About the Event



The time has come for the new edition of the performance venue Salon İKSV’s satellite concerts in Istanbul called Gezgin Salon, sponsored by +1. This time, on 20 November, Belgian indie rock band Balthazar takes the stage at Volkswagen Arena. Tickets are available as of Friday, 30 July.

Balthazar, who have previously performed at Salon İKSV with their solo projects, visits Istanbul to play their new songs live and spread the joy of live music in Istanbul once again after a long time of confinement, within the scope of +1 Supports Gezgin Salon: Balthazar.

The soulful pop rock of Jinte Deprez and Maarten Devoldere, high school friends from Ghent, Belgium, takes a new turn with their new album Sand, written largely while touring around the world in 2019 and recorded remotely under the pandemic. On their fifth album, Balthazar sounds every bit as fresh and energised as they did back in 2010, when their debut album Applause vowed critics and the public alike. Their masterful command of melody and pace is on full display – Sand is unique in the way it melds minimally arranged pop to elegant electronica and sophisticated grooves. Inspired by the joy they find playing live, the album meets Istanbulites for the first time in the scope of the duo's post-pandemic tour, in which they will avenge their days away from the stage.