Red Bull Music Festival Istanbul: Futurave Night

About the Event

Imagine the avant-garde vision of Red Bull in music shaping a futuristic rave event. Or instead of imagining, join us at Volkswagen Arena on 12 October. On the trail of the most magnificent, "we-should-have-been-there" raves of all times, how about building the rave of tomorrow here and now, and witnessing this? Futurave Night will be a giant meeting starring dance, sophisticated electronic music and rhythm, where rave culture will be experienced to the fullest. An environment where you will experience all emotions profoundly, be thrilled, drift with the rhythm with everybody else and coalesce with the people filling the area.  Appealing to top-end tastes musically, this night will be supported with visual-auditory shows and embroidered with dazzling examples of the art of mapping. Promising an interactive experience in the parentheses of "digital art", Futurave Night will capture Istanbul with the future of the rave culture! 

Section 1:

21:00        Y.Unan
22:00        Fluctuosa (Live A/V)
23:00        Shanti Celeste 
00:30        Laurel Halo
02:00        Function 
04:00        Dasha Rush

Section 2:

22:00        Golem
23:00        Konx-om-Pax (Live)
00:00        Overmono (Live A/V)
01:00        Kode9
03:00        Afrodeutsche


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