About the Event

The beginnings of Circo Loco at DC10 back in Ibiza 1999 could hardly be more humble. At a virtually unknown location, the iconic Monday morning session started a clubbing revolution that make an enduring impact on the shape of modern club culture. Since then, the ubiquitous Crazy Clown face has travelled around the world as a beacon of the party ethos of Circo Loco, becoming a symbol for the underground spirit of dance music These are the factors that have always set Circo Loco apart as a guiding light for electronic music

Such is the power of Circo Loco that DJs of all genres of dance music would play for free or, better still, offer to play and be refused. The sound of Circo Loco has slowly evolved and developed through paths of association with tribal and minimal, but has always held the truest values of house music at its core.

The long await for electronic music lovers in Istanbul is finally over, Circoloco Istanbul will be coming to Volkswagen Arena! The most enticing event of the year or even the last decade, Circoloco Istanbul will be filled with top class DJ’s, breath taking visual performances and amazing surprises. Save the date!



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