Ibrahim Maalouf

About the Event

Within his new ''S3NS'' album world tour, Lebanase – French musician İbrahim Maalouf, one of the foremost trumpet players of the global and French music scene, will perform on November 21st at Volkswagen Arena’s amplified atmosphere with the Pozitif and Pasión Turca experience!

Having started his career with classical music education, Ibrahim Maalouf won several international music competitions only at the age of 20. Growing his fame in the pop, jazz and world music stages in the early 2000’s, he was at the top of the lists with his albums and singles. With over 1000 concerts and 5 world tours in his career, he performed with important names such as Sting, Salif Keita, Amadou & Mariam, and Lhasa de Sela. The virtuoso took various roles such as producer, composer, and arranger in the 17 albums he released since 2007, and composed many filmscore albums. In his 11th studio albüm ‘’S3NS’’ released in September 2019, he worked with Cuban piano, saxofone and violin virtuosos such as Harold López-Nusa, Alfredo Rodriguez, Roberto Fonseca, Irving Acao and Yilian Cañizares. Each song of the album is forged with Latin American inspiration, swinging between the genres of jazz, pop and rock.

We will get together with the trumpet player, presenting new experiences at each of his concerts in Istanbul and growing his fanbase in Turkey with his unique style, on November 21st at Volkswagen Arena.

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21:00 Volkswagen Arena Performance