17 December 2017 Anathema
Just after their Europe tour, Anathema will perform in the Volkswagen Arena in December to meet the country's music lovers which the band has a special bond. Their eleventh album "The Optimist" released this year presents the most unexpected, dark and experimental side of the band. Anathema left behind a quarter century since the day they formed the band. Now the band is full of experienced artists who are at the peak of their careers; the drummer John Douglas, singer Lee Douglas, bassist Jamie Cavanagh and drummer / keyboardist Daniel Cardoso and Daniel & Vincent brothers leading them. The band which constantly carries the concept of self-discovery to the farthest limits have an absolutely unique place in the music world with its heavy roots, bold experiments, their progressive vision and the emotional albums which are considered to be the classics of the band. The deep influence of their music increases the number of their loyal fans day by day.