27. İstanbul Caz Festivali - Foals

About the Event

Festival closing performance by stage beast Foals.

Yannis Philippakis vocal and guitar
Jimmy Smith guitar
Edwin Congreave keyboard
Jack Bevan drums

Yannis Philippakis and Edwin Congreave both confess to laugh when recalling their careers’ seemingly helpless beginnings: the former was fired from his job because he accidentally set fire to the place’s mascot while the latter was kicked out of school for constant absenteeism. Yet, both went on to found FOALS, one of the most important indie rock bands in the world today, followed by millions of listeners! The effect their performances exert on viewers, be it in small hostel parties or on the stages of Coachella, doesn’t wear off easily. Yannis might well stage dive at any given moment, or rip off his hands while playing, while Edwin is likely to shout out for everybody to ‘live the moment’! They gave an account of the source of their energy: ‘In every concert, we play as if it were the last’. The group, long awaited in Turkey, is now a guest of the festival. Brace yourselves for a ‘high’ closing performance, and beware that Yannis doesn’t fall on your head!

The group has been nominated three times for the UK’s prestigious Mercury Prize.