About the Event


Meet & Greet and Soundcheck Ticket Control: 14:00

Meet & Greet and Soundcheck Doors Opening: 15:45

Soundcheck: 16:45

Meet & Greet: 17:30

Crowd-Free Priority Merchandise Shopping: 18:00

Doors Opening for the Concert: 18:30

Çağlan Tekil DJ Set: 18:30

VERIDIA: 20:30

Evanescence: 21:30

Our guests who can not reach their PDF tickets can collect their tickets on the day of the event, at 14:00 at the ticket delivery desks in the UNIQ building.

For our Meet & Greet and Soundcheck package guests



  • Meet & Greet and Soundcheck package owners will enter the venue before the concert. 
  • Please be at the Volkswagen Arena box office from 14:00 onwards.
  • Guests will be able to enter the venue between 16:00 and 16:45 after ticket check-in. The Evanescence team will be present at the Volkswagen Arena box office to control your tickets.
  • Meet&Greet and Soundcheck package entrances will end at 16:45. Entrances will end after this time.


  • If you purchased this package as a gift to someone else, please provide the person you gifted the ticket with a note, a photocopy/picture of your ID, and your purchase confirmation code. The note should state the name of the person who bought the ticket and the person to whom it was transferred. 
  • Pictures will be taken by the Evanescence team. You can download your pictures from the following link (pictures will be uploaded to the website in a few days):
  • Personal recording devices will not be allowed during the Meet&Greet event.
  • Due to time constraint, personal belongings will not be signed during the Meet & Greet and Soundcheck events.
  • Items that are part of the package you purchased will be distributed during the Meet & Greet and Soundcheck events.
  • These items will be distributed on the day of the event. There is no shipping option. 
  • Crowd free merchandise shopping will be allowed before regular ticket holders enter the venue.
  • Volkswagen Arena VIP Staff will provide you with information regarding merchandise shopping during the entrance to the venue.

You can contact for your enquiries. 

Evanescence, who combines rock, metal, and symphonic music elements together, will perform at Volkswagen Arena on September 13 as part of their “Synthesis Live” tour with the sponsorship of Istanbul Blue Night! Before Evanescence, we'll be meeting with VERIDIA, blending alternative rock and pop with their unique style.

Fronted by singer/songwriter Amy Lee, Evanescence was formed in the early 2000s. The band scored a massive hit with their album “Fallen” in 2003. They won Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance with its hit single “Bring Me To Life” in 2004.

Throughout their 20 year music career, the band produced rock hits like “Bring Me To Life”, “My Immortal”, “Going Under”, “Call Me When You’re Sober” and “Lithium''. The band’s fourth full-length album “Synthesis”, which has the reworked version of the band’s past recordings, came out in 2017. It features classical and rock music elements as well as organic sounds blended with synths. The album was shored up by a full orchestra and composer David Campbell’s arrangements. Few EDM-infused funk/hip-hop tracks in the album point out the musical future of the band.

Evanescence will perform at Volkswagen Arena on September 13 as part of their “Synthesis Live” tour! 

Warm-up: VERIDIA

Created in 2014, Dallas based VERIDIA blends alternative rock and pop with their unique style. Formed by frontwoman Deena Jakoub with her strong vocals, guitarist Brandon Brown and drummer Kyle Levy, VERIDIA expanded their fanbase with their two singles and live performances all over the world. Their long waited album ''The Beast You Feed'' was released in 2018. Having toured with Evanescence in 2016, the two bands will share the stage once again after 3 years.

Tickets on sale on Biletix.