About the Event

Swedish-based progressive metal group Soen will be performing at Volkswagen Arena on September 3rd as a part of the Europe tour for their new album “Lotus”. 

Soen’s drummer Martin Lopez describes Soen’s music as “melodic, heavy, complex and very different”. In their first album “Cognitive” released in 2012, they were inspired by groups such as Tool, Opeth and A Perfect Circle. Their album received lots of positive feedback, with the group members’ technical abilities, who have played for important groups such as Opeth, Death and Testament, receiving the most praise. Spreading their name to a wider audience with their album “Tellurian” released in 2014 followed by “Lykaia” released in 2017, Soen quickly became an important figure for progressive metal music. 

They gained lots of attention with their album “Lykaia” and went on to release their latest album “Lotus” on February 1st, on which they tried to create a more unique sound. The current group members are Martin Lopez, Joel Ekelöf, Stefan Stenberg and Cody Ford. Starting in March 2019, Soen will be touring Europe for their new album “Lotus” and will be performing at Volkswagen Arena on September 3rd.